Everything you need to know about 8-i

What is 8-i?

8 Hours Overtime for a Good Cause is an international event in which young creatives (as in the young at heart and creative, flexible thinkers) donate time and energy to help out charities by solving a problem or meeting a challenge. In eight hours, teams in cities around the world consisting of  four to five members and an experienced mentor with the charities work for a single cause.8-i is short for 8 Hours Overtime for a Good Cause International.

How did 8-i start?

The project started out in 2004 as an initiative from Nieuwe Garde, a group of young creatives from the north of the Netherlands. It was a collaboration of several young minds who dedicated their free time to bring creatives together and meet each other by doing so. At first, it was semi-frequently organized and in the last few years, the annual date has been the last Friday of March. In the Netherlands, people from all the major cities join every year, in 2012 the first worldwide edition was held with a total of 18 cities.This is the first year in South Africa and it will be held in Stellenbosch.

Why do we do this?

To donate to Charities and NGO’s in the form of great products, ideas or concepts instead of money. It is a very interesting way to meet new friends, broaden networks and do something good.

Great idea! I’m in! What do I do now?

Please fill in the form on the Participate page

I’m not young and / or I’m not creative, can I still participate?

Yes! Young means young of heart and mind!

I’d like to support the people that are doing this. Can I sponsor?

8-i aims to be an open source, closed wallet, bottom up event. Sponsoring is more than welcome but mostly in goods. Please contact us!

I’m a representative of a charity or a NGO that could use some creative help…

Please contact us directly.

What about money?

Usually it’s easier to just leave money out of the equation, sponsoring is more than welcome but mostly in goods. Please contact us!

And afterwards?

Share, share, share. Share your pictures, movies and stories online. Share your experiences amongst your peers and share the project with other cities! Share the results the teams created and the charities’ responses, that keeps everybody motivated for next year!In order to be able to share as much as possible there are a few things that are wise/relatively mandatory.

Use the hashtag #8i2017 #Stellenbosch #CapeTown. Everyone will be able to see what we have been doing and how it looked.

Who is organizing this?

8 hours overtime is a good cause that has no formal organization and 8-i is not an organization. It’s just a couple of people who think it’s a good idea to spread the word about this project. In Cape Town, the organisers are Chantal Louw and Micheline Frantz.

Chantal and Micheline met in 2016 when they worked together on #cocreate2Accelerate and the Mobility Indaba, hosted by #cocreateSA, an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sou

Please contact us if you have any other questions.